Small hall

You may see as will look the scene with that or other sector in common-room. For this You it is necessary only to choose the place and lead the mouse to him.

The Small Hall, which seats 470 people has the shape of amphitheatre which allows every spectator in it hear and see everything happening on the stage without any special technical means. 

It is a fine place for theatrical plays, official and other events. The auditorium is very cosy due to its chamberness. It is very pleasant for those in the auditorium and for those working on the stage.

The stage of the Small Hall, apart from the stills lifting mechanism is equipped with a rotating platform, which can rotate in both directions. This allows making events held on it even more spectacular.

The Small Hall is also equipped with a unique system of synchronous wireless translation, which uses infrared rays and which allows to organize here International forums.

Make up rooms of the Small Hall are located near the stage and are equipped with everything necessary for the comfort of performers.

Plan of the Small hall                Spherical panorama

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