Presidential orchestra

The Presidential Orchestra of the Republic of Belarus was created on August 6, 2002.
In September 2002 Victor Babarikin, a graduate of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, was appointed to be the Principle Conductor of the Orchestra. 
The Management of the Orchestra:
Vitaly Kulbakov    Principle Conductor.
The Orchestra is made up of former graduate of the Belarusian State Academy of Music, the Belarusian State University of Culture and the Minsk Music School. It is a company of like-minded fellows, capable and ready to say their own word in the development of the variety-and-symphonic genre. The Orchestra is full of energy and ready to promote the Belarusian performing art both over Belarus and abroad. The Orchestra is a model of a small symphonic orchestra being able to perform scores of chamber-symphonic ganres.
The Orchestra fruitfully cooperates with opera singers, acknowledged variety masters, composers, poets.
The company has taken part in many significant events:
Musical Evenings with participation of laureates of international competitions; Rostislav Krimer (piano), a post graduate of the Royal Academy of Music of London; Julia Igonina (violine), a laureate of international competitions; concert of classical music in the Sophia Castle of the city of Polotsk;
Within the Yury Bashmet International Festival the Orchestra performed with such famous artists as Vassily Lobanov, Prof. of the High Scholl of Cologne (Germany); Aleksei Ogrinchuk, a soloist of the Royal Orchestra Concertgebouw in Amsterdam; Mary Elizabeth Hekker, a laureate of M. Rostropovich International Competition in Paris.
Variety projects: performances with participation of Mishel Legran; Al Bano; Rikardo Foli; Nikolai Trubach; Jacob Naumenko; Nikolai Noscov; Konstantin Moscovich, Maestro of Arts of The Moldova Republic and Viktoria Nikitchenko; composer Kim Breitburg; Alexei goman; Ruslan Alekhno; Peter Yelfimov; composer Igor Luchenok, People's Artist of the USSR and Belarus; Jossif Kobzon, People's Artist of the USSR; Anatoli Yarmolenco, People's Artist of Belarus; Yadwiga Poplavskaya and Alexander Tikhanovich, Peoples's Artists of Belarus; the Pure Voise Ensembler; Irina Dorofeyeva, Georgy Koldun and others.
Musical Evenings with the participation of Alexander Shuvalov (bayan), Laureate of international competitions.
Within Musical Evenings programs were performed pieces by L. Bernstein, G. Enesku, E. Glebov, L. Webber, potpourri on the themes of the Bittles and other compositions.

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