Mobile scenic complex

The realized projects

Palace of the Republic is ready to offer you a unique Mobile stage complex, which does not have analogues in the Republic of Belarus.

The mobile stage complex is a concert ground equipped with sound, light and video-projecting equipment, which may be installed in any place in the Republic of Belarus within two days. Now, outside the walls of the building practically in any corner of your town, on any ground it is possible to install the mobile stage complex and organize on a high level a concert-show event for a large number of people.
We are always ready to lease this unique mobile stage complex for organization of show programs, presentations, elections, advertising campaigns, city holidays etc. We can provide full technical support of concert-show events: installation and maintenance of the mobile stage complex, adjustment and exploitation of sound and light equipment.

Due to a great demand for the mobile stage complex, we recommend that you settle lease matters in advance.

Technical characteristics

The mobile stage complex –is a large-dimensioned roofed construction (roof system ST), manufacture by a world-known company Prolyte.

The stage can be mounted 2 sizes: I a variant - width 20 sm and depth of 14 m, II variant - width 12 m and depth of 10 m.

Tower coupling girders are of different length, but there is a possibility to build a pavilion of the required height ? maximum 11.5 m (14.7m to the slur cam).

Stage construction of the mobile stage complex may be used outdoors as well as indoors.

The scenic platform can be established at height from 90 sm up to 210 sm from a level of the ground.
Constructions are easy to assemble and disassemble, they require a minimum time for assemblage of the concert ground.
A unified system of connection joints allows to get practically any configuration of the stage ground, carry out its further extension, connect additional elements (gangways, safety rails etc).
Steel tower footings have rigidly fixed girth rails, 4 girth rail each.

The roof of the pavilion has a rigid module construction for which aluminum forms are used.
The module of the roof in the form of a cross ensures additional inflexibility and stability of the whole pavilion and allows to hang various light and sound equipment in accordance with the scheme of the concerts or other show events. It also gives a possibility of fast assemblage and of elevation of only one cross-shaped roof foundation without the top cover, which is especially important when working indoors.
The roof has a double-pitch top and is enforced with additional framing which will prevent in the event of outdoors operation accumulation of a large amount of water on the roof and will ensure steady run-off.
The set of the pavilion includes safety belts and various locking devices to prevent spontaneous sinking of the elevator roof.
The material of the roof is light, strong and waterproof.
Lifting of the elevator roof is carried out by 8 electric hoists. All hoists can be connected to one controller, which allows one person to raise and lower the whole assembled roof construction.

The mobile stage complex set includes:

  • a chute with antiskid coatings for transportation of equipment, musical instruments to and from the stage;
  • a separate weather-protected tower with sound and light consoles for light dynamics and sound;
  • two towers for television cameras follow spots with stairs.

Elements of the construction do not require usage of elevating means for assemblage.

For installation of the stage complex on a lawn, sand or other unsolid ground there is a set of foundation stiffening elements.

For the surface of the podium coverage is used with an antiskid effect, which ensures safe outdoor exploitation.

All flanks of stage modules are made of profiled aluminum, which allows fast and quality assemblage of the stage podium of any required dimensions.

The mobile stage complex complies with all technical norms and safety normative standards, which guarantees success of your event.

Telephone numbers for references:
(+37517) 229-92-14 (organization sector)
(+37517) 229-92-12 (technical sector)