LED Display Panel

LED Video Display Panel (60 pcs.)

Stacking and suspending attached panels

Stacking and suspending attached panels
Weight 22.4 kg
Max. number of panels per chain. 50
Lightsource 5mm oval
Brightness (calibrated) 3000 Nit (candela per square meter)
Pitch (pixelcenter-to-center) 40mm
Resolution onepanel 25x50pixels
Pixels per panel 1250
Panel frames: aluminum
LED tubes per panel. 25
Protection rating. IP 65, NEMA 4
Pane/interlocking: Prblyte CCS6conicai coupler system
ACpower 200-240 V nominal, 50/60 Hz
230V,50Hz 320W,1.5A
Measurements made at nominal voltage with all LEDs at full intensity. Allow for a deviation of +/-10%.
Cooling: convection
Maximum ambient temperature, 50% duty cycle, full white 1 sec. on/1 sec. off 40° C
Minimum ambient temperature 20°C

P3-100 processor (3 pcs.)
Media Server MAXEDIA Broadcast
Teleview DSC700.10.DV (2 pcs.)