Stage of the Big hall

Stage of the Big hall is a unique engineering structure with dimensions of 25x12,5x22m. It possesses modern technological equipment.

This is a unique stage which is suitable for concerts and for theatrical plays and even for ballet performances.

Complex electronics work wonders on the stage plate. The stage plate has20 independent stage traps with the hoisting height up to 2.2 meters and tilt angle up to 10 degrees, which permits to transform the stage and achieve any required configuration.

The stage is also equipped with 5 reeling vans:

  • three Presidium vans;
  • 100-seat van for increasing the number of seats in the auditorium
  • orchestra van.

This allows in a short time to transform the stage for different events, including meetings, forums, conferences and concerts.

Room for storage of reeling vans is located under the stage plate. Vans are reeled and brought to the stage by two stage traps. If necessary, one of the stage traps can function as an extension of the stage or as the down stage.

Lower powering is controlled with the help of a programmable panel.

For storing soft stills (stage clothing: wing flats, coves, backdrops, tulle) there is a 6-level elevating safe. On ascending to the level of the stage it is an extension of the stage plate.

An elevator with the capacity of 3 tons is used for transportation of stills to the stage.

Upper powering of the Big hall stage has 70 elevators. Including:

  • 40 stills elevators, allowing to lift and descend stills to the height up to 24 meters at a smoothly adjusted speed;
  • 5 soffit elevators;
  • a cinema screen raising-descending cinema screen with dimensions of 23x11m;
  • front draw cloth;
  • 2 fixed flight devices, allowing to raise and transport specially trained people;
  • multidrive curtain;
  • safety curtain insures reliable protection from spread of fire to the auditorium.