Lifts and escalators

In 2000 year in Palace of the Republic 14 elevators and 6 escalators were installed and commissioned. 12 of them are passenger elevators of Finnish production by "KONE" and 2 service elevator made at Sverdlovski elevator construction plant. All escalators are by "OTIS".

The installed elevator equipment is serves for the engineering sector of Palace of the Republic, Hall of solemn actions, the cafe, the cinema complex and the President sector.

Escalators are located on either side of the central entrance and lead from the Small Hall foyer to the Big hall lobbies, then to the Big hall foyer and higher to the Reception Hall . If you have purchased tickets to the gallery of the Big hall, it will be convenient to use the escalators - you get to the gallery straight from the cloakroom. The direction of movement of escalators may change which is indicated at the entrance to the escalator.