Palace of the Republic towers 33.3 meters above the October square and goes for 16.4 meters under the ground. There equipment is located which provides lighting, heating, cooling of the Palace, allows to alter the construction of the Palace. As well as to be safe from fires, not to be flooded and never to break off, regardless of operation of the neighboring substations. Because it has all the necessary equipment.

Palace of the Republic boasts modern and unique equipment. In the building operates a variety of complex technical systems, many of which were designed especially for the Palace. In its technical level it may be compared to a large factory. Light and sound equipment used in Palace of the Republic, allows to organize events most complex in their technical aspect.

In Palace of the Republic there is an effective system of air cooling and heating, which includes about 30 conditioning systems. Ordinary city air from the October square gets into the air conditioners, goes through the filters, is cleared from mechanical impurities, street dirt, then cooled or heated and after that it is pumped inside the building. Thanks to that the air in Palace of the Republic is always clean and fresh..

Safety is of prime importance in the present-day world. In Palace of the Republic there are over 12 security systems, thanks to which the building is safe for the employees and for all visitors. The Palace is equipped with a security alarm, an automatic smoke-removing system, emergency door release system, nine arch metal detectors etc. For ensuring fire safety in Palace of the Republic there has been created a fire-prevention unit of Minsk Emergency Situations Ministry Administration. In the inventory of this unit there are the newest fire-extinguishing systems and fire detecting systems.