The idea to build a landmark specimen of architecture " the Republican Palace of culture " in the central square of Minsk was put forward by Piotr Mironovich Masherov, first secretary of the central committee of the communist Party of Belarus. The leader of the Belarusian soviet socialist Republic, who anticipated the contemporary ideology of the independent Belarusian state.

In 1982 following an order of the BSSR leadership a contest was arranged for the best project of the Palace of the Republic. Well-known design institute Belgosproject won the contest.

In 1984 a team of architects (M. Pirogov, V. Danilov, L. Zdanevich, L. Moskalevich, V. Novikov, N. Turlyuk, V. Usimov, and A. Shabalin) started designing the architectural ensemble of Oktyabrskaya square.

In 1985 construction works using leadingedge building and finishing technologies started in the square.

The early 1990s, a time of political chaos and economic crises witnessed in the wake of the soviet union collapse, were close to scrapping the plans for building the Palace. For rather a long time the construction was shut down and the object was virtually put in dead storage due to the lack of state budget funds and the lack of attention of the country’s leadership at that time. Older generations of Minsk residents may recollect unsightly fences, which disfigured the architectural image of the centre of Minsk, as well as the scornful nickname "sarcophagus" given to the abandoned construction site.

Together with the entire country the Palace of the Republic survived the troublesome times to be reborn and become a symbol of the new era in the Belarusian history. After Alexander Grigoryevich Lukashenko was elected President of the Republic of Belarus, systematic formation of the sovereign Belarusian state began using every best thing created by our nation during the soviet era.

The head of state could not stay indifferent to the destiny of the abandoned construction site in the central square of the capital. The leadership of the country understood the huge significance of the Palace of the Republic not only for arranging cultural leisure for Minsk residents and guests, but also for the image of the young state. Following a special instruction of the President of July 24, 1995, the construction of the Palace of the Republic was resumed. It was then that the project acquired its present name, which is more fitting for its high mission, and came under the aegis of the Property Management Directorate of the President of the Republic of Belarus.

On October 3, 1997 the Palace was opened, with the building fully operational as fromDecember 31,2001. The majestic architectural ensemble conceived as the chief building of the BssR became a symbol of the young independent Belarus, which venerates its past and aims for the future.

December 1, 2006 - Palace of the Republic was awarded with the prize in the sphere of quality by the Government of the Republic of Belarus.

October 3, 2007 - Palace of the Republic was awarded with the Certificate of Honour of the National Assembly of the Republic of Belarus.

October 4, 2007 - the personnel of the State Establishment “Palace of the Republic” was awarded a commendation by the President of the Republic of Belarus.

December 2007 - replacement of electroacoustics for the line array of the Great Hall of the Palace of the Republic. This enabled great improvement of sound quality on the main concert music venue of the country.

2007 - a mobile stage system was purchased for the carrying out of social-and-political, cultural and entertainment events on the open areas and in premises.

2007 - 2008- upgrading of the electric supply system of the Palace of the Republic was performed which enabled improvement of the energy and electric power supply of the events carried out in the Palace of the Republic as well as implementation of the energy saving technologies.

July 17, 2009 - Palace of the Republic was granted a Conformity certificateof the quality management system complying with the requirement of the state standard (GOST) STB ISO 9001-2009 harmonized with the requirement of the international standards of 9000 series.

2009 - January 2010 - A complex modernization of the stage light of the Big Hall has been made and it includes full change of lighting and soffite equipment that allows performing any socio-political and cultural events and shows at the highest technical and aesthetic level.